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    Buffalo Gold - better glove design(s)

    Hey all you cold water junkies, we are always interested in your feedback on our gloves (Buffalo Gold - bison fiber gloves). We're considering adding a flip top product and another with either a leather (bison leather most likely) or coated palm. Let us know your thinking, pls. Best to all and safe fishing.


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    A few comments for you:

    1. On the flip-back muffs. Don't use velcro, every pair I get with velcro it wears out and the muff ends up flapping around and getting stuck in my reel and line. Maybe a piece of hardware would be better a metal button? You will have to do some research there...

    2. More times than not I am not happy with the size and length of the cut fingers. Many times they are too long and too thick, kinda like the little kid in the thick stiff-winter-coat that can't move his arms. Sleeker is better and if it has the muffs you can flip-em over to warm up a bit.

    Hope that helps...

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    as you know i am one of your biggest fans! wears like iron, soft as heck and warm wet or dry, flip top for driving a tiller boat might be good

    keep up the great work

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    just had a visit with Cecil, he has a bunch of cool stuff coming out

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