To all new Members,

STSCommunity will be advertised in STS magazine in every issue starting with the December 2012 issue. STS is distributed from Alaska to Northern California, Idaho all the way east to the Great Lakes. For $35.00 per month you can run an ad on the site. Please contact Dave ( or Cindy ( or call 1-800-541-9498. I also want to thank all the new members for joining and sharing with each other. If you are a Guide feel free to post fishing reports along with a phone number or a link to your website for potential new customers under "GUIDE REPORTS". It's FREE! We also have a "CLASSIFIEDS" section just advertise in the area you live in and please delete your post once you sell your item(s). There is also a section for "FISHING REPORTS", you don't need to tell everyone where your favorite spots are just share the results.

Thanks Everybody

Tony Amato

P.S.: Get out there and catch some fish...

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STS is a locally owned 50 year old "family business" (Portland, OR). We all love to fish from the founding father "Frank Amato" all the way down to the latest grand children.