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    What qualities do I need in a long distance spinning rod?


    I usually follow the Great Lakes Angler forum because of their trolling expertise. However I like to cast also over long distances. I suspect that there is a lot of knowledge here to guide me in purchasing a long distance spinning rod. But some information is needed first so I can be properly advised. My target species is Walleye and Lake Trout,(in spring). I intend upon casting over a long distance Rapala lures that weigh 3/8 oz, 7/16 oz and 3/16 oz respectively.

    I plan on using 10- 12 pound test braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. I expect that my spinning rod will be at least 9 feet long with a medium action and and a medium action tip., (?). My reel is a Shimano Ultegra 4500 which has the wide spool and line winding mechanism that supports long distance surf casting.

    I have been told that I need a spinning rod suited for Salmon and Trout fishing and I expect that most of you are familiar with what I need. You may even have stong opinions! I would like to hear from you and use your input so I cast my Rapalas a long country mile.

    Thank you and best wishes with your own 2017 fishing season.


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    I wish I could help, but I don't use a spinning rod.

    I'm just grateful that someone posted on this forum!

    Thank you!

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