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    Fall Salmon on ProTroll

    Thank goodness for fall salmon fishing with ProTrolls to restore my faith in them. After drawing a blank trying them for Springers, the fall fishing has been good for me. My rigging has been 2 ft of 50 lb mono to PT and30 in of 40 lb mono to SB or CP. Colors have been Seahawk, Mt Dew, and Shamrock. Plain tuna in oil worked better than with all the added secret scents. Where I was fishing, most everybody trolling was using the chrome PT with either SB/CP or small spinner. Good Luck!

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    I am going to try my luck next weekend. Last year I did great with the lava plug/tuna. Keep in mind the numbers of Fall fish last year were astronomical, so keep your expectations in check...

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    We have been doing ok on small chrome or brass spinners behind the ProTroll, also tried a break away version ProTroll with good success this year, may retro a couple more

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    B Howell, what is the breakaway version PT? Picture?

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    The Pictures are not great but may show enough to see how I rigged mine?



    Cut the ring off the bottom of the P.T. and replace with a coated copper wire, I used 16g seems to be a good size. Leave a tag end of about 3/4"- 1" this will be used to put through the knot side of barrel swivel and bend over to hold barrel in place. snap your leader with a duo lock to the bottom of the barrel. the section of line between leader and upper ring of P.T. is 11" to another duo lock which gets attached to the upper ring of P.T. When fish strikes it straightens out the tag end of wire releasing the leader and dropping the P.T. down so there is no drag from the P.T. just fighting the fish directly.

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    Lets try these Pics



    Not sure these will show up??
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    This shows the leader is snapped onto the upper ring of P.T. but the P.T. is dropped out with no drag between person fighting fish and the fish

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    Maybe this one?


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    B Howell, thanks for posting the breakaway rig. I see GDF tackle has a rigging for both the ProTroll and the Shortbus flashers that copies the breakaway action of your rig. They have a video for attaching it. I may have to order one and a green snubber to try.

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