Finally got the lower unit rebuilt and hit South Haven on Tues & Friday last week. Trolling off-shore and since I was SOLO I was restricted to only a 3 rods spread. Searching for King in the southern basin of the lake gets harder each year with less and less forage fish. Thank God for our native Lake Trout.
Tuesday I handled three lakers and one grilling King
Friday I got a nicer King and only two lakers but that's where the fun was. Getting ready to pull lines for the day and the 250'x30# CU board screams off. I barely get the board off and my braided diver set at 125' starts to scream. Since the diver was shorter, I fought the diver fish. Both fish came to the net. Think I might shorten my leaders a bit. With 8 foot leaders on my divers plus an 18" snubber, it's getting harder to net'um by myself. Hope ya enjoy this little bit of fish story.