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    Super Bait Nation...

    Hi guys,

    Did everyone here jump on the super bait band wagon? I sure did. Absolutely crushed the U.R.B's this past fall. It has now become part of my arsenal. There okay right out of the box, but figured out a sweet way to increase the Bite to Hook-up Ratio. I like to run a standard mooching rig plus a trebble hook 3 fingers above top hook. It seats in the back of the baits nicely. Also having your favorite colors pre-tied and organized makes switch outs a snap! When the fish hits the super bait just gets wacked! So I like to always bring plenty. I'm very excited to try them on springers here the next few weeks. I will still fish the oldie goldie cured cut plug herring and flasher. Just saying I've joined the nation and will continue to depoly these as well. I'll keep ya posted on my results... - Hang on and Tight lines.

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    Went 3 for 4 yesterday and nothing today. All hooked on flashers and herring. I still continue to throw out a pro troll and super bait cut plug on 1 rod. Maybe the water needs to get out of the 40s first?

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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1324[/ATTACH] this was a nice slab picked up on a night bite yesterday

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