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    Pro Troll for Springers

    Ok, jumped on the Pro Troll wagon for Fall Chinook and am hooked. Who else is planning to fish Springers using this method with plug cut herring or the Brads?

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    It does seems to work extremely well and I have a feeling that it will work great for springers.

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    Any time I'm dragging whole meat, AKA my "Home Brined Salmon Baits", 1/2 my spread is Pro Trolls paddles and the other 1/2 is Spin Doctors, but that's when I'm trolling off-shore. Here in the mid-west we have the advantage of using a treble hook in our trolling leaders.

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    Well the test for me has not scored any Springers with the 3 day reopener. Fished over large groups of fish in warm 59-61deg water with both SB and SB cut plug with no takers. Anyone else care to share results?

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    Ok, a quick update. So far in 2017 the result is 1/4 on Pro troll with 3.5 spinners. 59 degree water temp. No luck with CPH or SB or SBCP filled with tuna.

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