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    If you could tell the director of Fish and Wildlife one thing, what would you say?

    Now you have a chance. Washington's director of Fish and Wildlife is asking for your input. What is important to you and your family about Fish and Wildlife. Please let them know your opinion. It just takes a few minutes. The only personal info you have to leave in your response is your name.

    Go to this link and respond Copy, paste and enter .... into your www address line if you can not click on the link.

    Here is a pasted copy of the above link: (You can not use the following info to respond, please use the link above.

    Office of the Director

    Washington’s Wild Future
    A Partnership for Fish and Wildlife

    Since I joined WDFW in January 2015, I have been asking people, “If you could tell the director of Fish and Wildlife one thing, what would you say?” Well now is the time for people all across the state to do just that. I want to hear about what we are doing right, where we need to improve, and where we should focus our efforts and our funding over the next five to 10 to 20 years.

    This opportunity is part of our new multi-year initiative, Washington’s Wild Future: A Partnership for Fish and Wildlife.

    We are embarking on this effort to strengthen the department’s relationships with communities, increase support for conservation and outdoor recreation, and help ensure WDFW programs and services meet the public’s needs.

    The comments and proposals we receive will help determine priorities for conserving and managing Washington’s fish and wildlife in the coming years.

    We will summarize the comments and suggestions from the public, as well as input from outdoor organizations and the department’s advisory groups, later this year (2015). That information will be used to help identify potential changes in WDFW’s operations and services, and to develop future policy, budget and fee proposals.

    We face major management challenges over the next several years, and for us to be successful we need the public’s support and assistance. That’s what this initiative is all about – listening and working with you to build a stronger and more effective Fish and Wildlife.

    Public Meetings

    Six regional public forums are scheduled for September and October. Each meeting will begin with a brief presentation from WDFW about the importance of fish and wildlife management to Washington’s quality of life and the economies of local communities throughout the state. Participants will then be invited to talk with representatives of the department’s Fish, Wildlife, Enforcement, Licensing, and Habitat programs, as well as Unsworth and his immediate staff.

    The meetings are scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. at the following dates and locations:

    Sept. 10 – Selah Civic Center, 216 1st St., Selah.
    Sept. 30 – Center Place, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley.
    Oct. 6 – WDFW Mill Creek Office, 16018 Mill Creek Blvd, Mill Creek.
    Oct. 8 – Saint Martin’s University, Norman Worthington Conference Center, 5300 Pacific Ave. SE, Lacey.
    Oct. 14 – Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver.
    Oct. 20 – Port of Chelan County Confluence Technology Center, 285 Technology Center Way, Wenatchee.
    We want to hear from you!

    Tell us what you think: What are we doing right? Where do we need to improve? Where should we focus our efforts and our funding over the next several years?

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    Your contact information
    * First Name:
    * Last Name:
    Street Address:
    Zip Code:
    E-mail Address:
    Home Phone:

    * Your message to the Director

    If you have documents, images, or other information you need to provide, please use the attachment fields below.
    No single file may be larger than 8 mb in size.
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    In a nutshell... All the recent hoopla began with our last recession in 2008. The economy took a dive and budget cuts took effect. Throw in some fascist non-profit conservation groups who hire a lawyer and biologist as a strong arm and everything was set for disaster.

    1. Millions of people live in the NW and hundreds of thousands enjoy fishing
    2. Multiple factions want to make a living or just enjoy our NW fish resource which include
    • Sports Fishermen
    • Natives
    • Commercial Fishermen

    In the past conservation groups lobbied WDFW and ODFW through the normal routes and there was give and take, now we are faced with Lawyers suing WDFW and ODFW and essentially tying the hands of our Government agencies and it's effecting how the average fishermen views his ability to go fishing and have a possibility to catch a fish.

    So how is it fixed,

    1. ODFW, WDFW change the perception through advertising
    2. Have lower license rates for younger and older people, it's getting too expensive
    3. Stop the minority non-profits from giving the perception that they are setting the standards for our rivers and hatcheries.

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    Yeah, that ↑!

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    Also, Tony should be appointed to the WA or OR Commission.

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    I agree with ALL OF YOU!
    Keep your line tight & enjoy the fight!

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