I fished buoy 10 yesterday with my brother, Jake Gregg and Josiah Darr with Bill Monroe Jr. at the helm. We caught two small chinook early and then hit a slow spot then the bite turned on again after the tide came in. A great day. Coho are still a bit few and far between, but that can change any time. All on plug cut herring, most productive flasher was glow in the dark orange with a big silver flashing sticker on one side. And get on the bottom and stay there if you want any chinook. Josiah/Bill thanks for holding my fish...

Cindy and Dave got this one yesterday 32 pounds!!!


My son in law and his friend got these yesterday fishing back and forth in front of to Hammond. It's been about 50/50 for hatchery vs. wild fish to the boat. So if you go odds are pretty good for catching hatchery fish for a nice dinner.