I had the pleasure to get out springer fishing with guide Jon Huston in the Multnomah Channel on Monday 4/20/2015. We did most of our trolling by the Hogan Ranch. It was a Phenomenal day. There were three of us fishing and we had 11 hookups, 6 in the net where one was wild and put back. Personally, I had 5 takedowns with two hatchery in the boat. Like I said, it was a totally awesome day!

The really funny part of the day was that we caught all of our fish in the same order. I hooked and landed a nice hatchery fish, then Kevin hooked and landed a fish, then John landed a beautiful feisty wild fish. Our guide, Jon Huston hooked the next fish, and handed it to John, which he landed. Then, I caight my second, see a youtube clip below. Then Kevin caucht his second. Then there were 5 more hookups, 2 lost before they were handed to John, and 3 that John lost.

What a day!