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    Willamette Springers

    Fished Oregon city Monday afternoon. Hardly any boats and no fish for us. One was caught yesterday by an old timer jigging. Gonna troll Sellwood tomorrow afternoon and I'll pass on a report.

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    I fished OC on Wednesday night after work, we landed a nice 12 pound Steelhead.

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    how is the fishing at meldrum bar?

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    Trolled herring this afternoon bellow Sellwood. Fish checker saw one fish at the launch. We had a good take down, but nothing on the rod once it was picked up. It's still a bit early, but sure feels like it's time with this nice weather. Still fun to get out and have a good time and there are a few fish around.

    And the old timer in OC has caught 2 now. He does fish just about every day lucky guy.

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    I haven't been out in a while, but from what I'm hearing fishing in OC has been pretty good lately.

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