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    Clackamas Chrome


    Hit the Clack with my Friend B. this afternoon. An we had SUCCESS! A much better start for the Clack this year than last year. Got it bobber doggin with a float and pink rubber worm with a white jig head 1/8 oz. Also, I have a small sled and I ticked bottom in more than one spot above carver, so be careful out there. River was at 12.41 Estacada gage.

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    Nice catch Tony, and thanks for the heads up haven't ran the river yet this year, did hear it has changed some.
    may have to drift it first before running it in the sled.

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    Wow just checked the river forecast river is headed for 18' no problem hitting now.

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    Fast is safe... Only in a sled... But not in your car.

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    Nice fish! Might just be a banner year for winters on the Clack (and everywhere else in Western Oregon for that matter).

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    Lets hope so. sounds like its starting off decent

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