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    2 reports from yesterday • 1 conclusion

    My friend with one of his coho in hand.

    I have two reports.

    1. A friend of mine did some bank fishing on a coastal river not far from Portland yesterday. He hooked 7 coho on hardware and landed 5.

    2. A family member of mine floated a small section of river in a small inflatable boat on a SW Washington coastal river and hooked 12 coho.

    No steelhead were hooked by either parties. That doesn't mean some aren't around...

    General conclusion, lots of coho still around. Many will probably be native, but they fight like HECK. Especially in a small coastal stream. And I should have gone with my friend darn it, I had the invite.

    Coho/Steelehad combo.

    1. High off-color water
    big silver hardware. bobber/eggs-sandshrimp/large rubber worms

    2. Low clear water
    Small dark colored spinners/eggs-sandshrimp/smaller rubber worms/big jigs cast out and jigged back dark colors.

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    sounds like fun

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