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    Buoy 10 is on FIRE!


    I fished Buoy 10 saturday. We put in at Hammond an hour before low tide and we got punished briefly by Mother Nature below the Astoria bridge. Hooked two fish and could not really enjoy it. After the tide turned the weather cleared up and it was nice and sunny all day. We made runs from the bridge upstream an had multiple fish on every pass even a chinook double. We were fishing about 30 feet deep or 22 pulls (whichever came first) 12-16 oz lead balls with herring.





    Dave (on right) from Reno got the full dose of Buoy 10 from death defying waves to calm fish-on nice weather. Even a nice tip back to the dock with-out wind blowing boat splash rain all over us.

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    Nice looking fish great job.

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    Good to see a great season up on the C!

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