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    columbia kings

    Fishing has been great! A buddy had 9 yesterday down out of chinook, and we boated 1 of 4 hooked today up river of longview. Few others caught on the same hawg line, and several nearby.
    If fishing is slow, its entertaining enough watching what happens when guys anchor in the shipping channel and a large container ship makes its way up river!!! Get your popcorn, its gonna be a nail biter!!!

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    good to know that there is still quiet a few fish coming up the river.

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    Fished Hammond saturday, but got blown off the river by an incoming tide and an "EAST WIND" in September can you believe it. We did manage to hook into 4 fish before we left but we lost them. When we crossed the bridge at Longview coming home there were hundreds of wobbler fishemen anchored up. Bonneville has been producing fish as well. A friend hooked 14 saturday. Sunday was slower.

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