I fished the Buoy 10 Challenge on saturday by Astoria. Fished three rods with herring on the bottom (1 foot dropper). We landed 2 chinook, had one peeling of line from the drag that came off. And we let a jack go. We also had a few other nice takedowns, but who knows what they were??? Best depth was 17-25 feet for us. And make sure your herring always has a good roll. Best bite was high slack going into outgoing tide.

A few boats limited out otherwise it was tough fishing. Weather/water is still warm and the fish are still mostly in the ocean. Nick went out in the ocean a few days before and hooked 70 fish.

Helpful tips:

If you see fish being caught on one side of you or another.

1. Reel in your gear.
2. Drive your boat directly over their line (not their fish) and mark the the depth.
3. Run your boat up-current and find that depth
4. Put out your rigs and start trolling

If they are fishing deep water (50-80 feet) and doing pulls just count their pulls. If they have counters you might need to bite the bullet ask them how deep they are. And if you are wondering what they are using just watch when they reel up.

All you need for rigs are:
Splitter with 1 foot dropper and 10-16 oz lead. Ad a green flasher and a plug cut herring or pink hooch spinner. Use divers if the water is rough and the boat is bouncing around a lot. I mostly like the divers for fishing shallow for coho as it can be difficult to know if you are on bottom.