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Thread: Lower Deschutes

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    Lower Deschutes

    Some friends of mine went with a guide yesterday on the lower river and hooked 20 fish..... No joke. I have also heard that they are going to lower the water temperature this year and I think they did that just a few days ago.

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    It has been good, we caught right around 32 the last two weekends trolling at the mouth

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    Thats so exciting to hear, I'm going on a 4 day raft trip this Tuesday. Were putting in @ shears falls and floating down to the mouth. Would you guys mind telling me the secret weapon there?. I like jigs and spinners. What are some good ones to bring?

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    My favorites are little cleo type spoons chrome with blue anodizing. Just bomb it straight out and then work it back to shore letting it pulsate at the rod tip. Pink jigs work great and I would recommend a slip bobber with a Dacron bead/bobber stop so you can really cast it out a ways. I had my jig and balsa slip bobber last time and was out gunned by another guy with a jig/weight and slip bobber.

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    Shazam....., thank you so much. I hope to able to post some nice fish pictures in 5 days from now. Thanks again man.

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    Grab a few dark colored jigs as well maybe some nightmares (black/white/red)...

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    Will do, hey since it feeds into the Columbia will i have to pinch the barbs? I checked the regs and its kind of ambiguous. I think i will just to be safe. Thanks again.

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    For many years it was barbless, but I am 99.9% sure you can use a barb now. Check ODFW site or just ask the guys you fish with they will more than likely know.

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    Ok, I'm all geared up. One last quickie, how would I target fall Chinook? I know its a bit early, but can never be to prepared.

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    Last year I got one on a little cleo casting across the river and swinging it above a large tailout with heavy rapids below. If you target the larger, deeper holes you might have a chance for a chinook casting hardware. Mostly I just target the steelhead and hooking a chinook is a bonus. More than likely you won't catch a chinook with your jigs, but the jigs can be more effective than the hardware for steelhead.

    Early morning: Jig
    Sun starts hitting water: Hardware (especially in shallow fast riffles 2-4 feet deep)
    Sun goes over ridges: Jig

    And just switch it up.

    And finally. On nice easy runs (walking speed) pay especially close attention to large boulders that are out in the river under the surface. Get your jigs and spoons to run by them. Deschutes steelhead love big boulders to rest behind.

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