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    Green Peter Kokanee


    Yesterday I fished with KalamaGabe, Damon Struble (Nomad's Fishing Adventures) and Bud Lewis. Gabe was the masterminded behind the trip and Damon and myself got to meet Bud Lewis. Bud is 94 years young and a retired Portland Police Commander. It was a great day and I can only hope that I can live as long and be in as good humor and health as Bud. Below is a writeup from the Oregonian that best describes Bud... Thanks Gabe, Bud and Damon for a great day.


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    It was an awesome trip! Thanks to Tony and Damon for making it happen, Bud had a great time!

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    Thanks for the great day Tony. Bud was a awesome guy. I'm happy you thought of me when you wanted treat him to a day on the water.

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