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    peninsaula and sw washington summer steelhead

    on the way back from oregon i decided to stop by the kalama for a while and fish the beginners hole for summer runs ended up going 1/4 finally landing a nice little hatchery hen drifting sand shrimp on the inside seam. Then regrouped and went out to the peninsaula do some summer steelhead fishing ended up hooking 12 steelhead on a river near forks landing 10 all chrome bright in one week also drifted my favorite river and plugged to wild summer steelhead and a summer chinook out of the gods hole. Then spent some time at the hatchery catching sockeye and early coho beatween the hatchery and the shewa hole i pulled out 6 coho and 8 sockeye what a week.

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    sounds like a good week of fishing.

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    heck yeah my freezers full.

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