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    Sandy River Hot Spot

    I'm almost 60 years old and I'm looking for my first steelhead. Does anyone have a favorite producing hole location on the Sandy for a bank bound beginner they would like to share? What technique?

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    Hi Vic. I don't fish the Sandy. I would help if I did. Good techniques to start with are bobber and jigs or spinner fishing. Good Luck

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    Hi Vic, Not sure if you have found a spot on the Sandy yet or not but, here are a couple easy access places to try. Lewis and Clark State park, and Dabney State park have some good bank access. Good luck to ya!

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    Hi Vic, you can fish at Dodge Park easy access/Pipe Hole or 1 mile above Dodge Park

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    Thank you. I have tried your suggestion but the metalheads aren't cooperating... Will keep on trying til one decides he'd look good on my BBQ

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    Thank you. All these spots look like prime fishing areas. If only the fish would cooperate...

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    The area above Dodge Park looks awesome. Thanks! Will post if I hook the big one...

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    Vic, pay the $5 and go check out Oxbow park. There is lots of area to explore and all methods work.

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