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    Eagle Lake 10/27 - 11/3 2013

    Arrived: 10/27 - Made my rounds visiting and getting the latest info. The fishing was reported as improving but still a tough bite. This was attributed mainly to a large shrimp hatch in the prior week.
    10/28 - Snowing - Light snow started and more on the way. Wind was up also.
    10/29 - Light snow and 6" on the boat cover and ground. Wind still up enough to make me stay in.
    10?30 - Clear and little wind - On the water by sunrise and over to the Spring near Eagles Nest. I had Val Aubrey of Eagle Lake Fishing dot Net with me and we decided that we'd run lead core with Sure Catch brass underside double jointed red dogs. The water clarity has only been fair all year so I chose the brass underside to give us a little better contrast. We always throw out the top lines on this lake too since the fish are known to come up from the depths if they see an easy meal. We ran Owner Clutiva 65sp Rip-N-Minnows out at 125' on mono.

    First fish on was on the red dog in 50' of water trolling 3 colors of 18# lead core with a 16' FC leader. Nice 2lb buck and full of shrimp. I got on the radio and called Jerry of Eagle Eye Guide service and let him know we were hooking up. He was up ahead of us and running shad minnow imitations. He was doing well with those and had clients so I gave him a wide berth.

    We worked the deep water for two hours and put 4 nice fish in the boat. The fish aren't big like they were in the past but they still put up a better fight than fish in other ponds.

    10/31 - The wind was raising the hair on the back of my neck at 6:00am and the severe weather warning was calling for frozen fog. I could see the fog on the lake from my doorstep. Getting caught in frozen fog is scary enough (GPS often fails because of the refraction). Intentionally going out in it is just dumb. I stayed in and avoided the slip and slide ramp and the inability to navigate.

    11/1 - Fog was down hard on the lake and there was a 1/4" of ice on the boat but it wasn't frozen fog so I knew I could use the GPS, magnetic compass and my watch to get where I wanted to go. I headed back to the springs and then up all the way to the Miners bay rock pile and limited out on the first pass. I didn't see any other boats but my visibility was only about 50' so I can't say for sure. It took me the better part of an hour to get back to the ramp. I used my chart plotter just for reference and ran on the compass and my watch. 6 mph was my through the water speed (makes the math easy).

    11/2 - Wind came up early as a storm approached out of the north. The wind started from the south and then shifted to north (worst possible direction) so I stayed in. Gusts to 30 were hitting by about 9:30am.

    Summary: The fish are moving north right now and are probably moving up both sides. I chose the deeper water on the east side based on experience and a gut feeling. Those with limited navigation skills or lack of equipment stayed on the west side and did not get fish.

    Over the next couple of weeks the fish will move up into the Youth Camp and south side of Pelican and up into the channel towards Rocky point but as soon as the water temps drop below 50 up there, they will come back to the deeper water again.

    If you head up the channel make sure you watch your depths. You can be in 6' of water one minute and 2' the next. About 1/2 way up is going to be the limit for most. I do not think the fish are going to go up into the north basin this year until Pine Creek starts tor run in the spring. If the north basin ices over it will likely be a solid freeze since most areas are no more than 2 feet deep and often less. If we get a lot of rain and less freeze then the fish will go up but I don't believe that will happen.

    The season closes on Dec 31st and re-opens on Memorial day. Currently, the only launch ramp is the USFS ramp on the south end on the west side of the Marina. The camp/RV grounds are closed for the season but Merrill Day use is open and if you know the road to Wildcat you can still drive in there.

    Spaulding has cabin rental available and the RV park store is going on winter hours. Don't just drag the RV up there expecting to have a place to stay, call ahead. If you need groceries, get them in Susanville or Chester and watch your fuel consumption. There's unleaded regular at the store as long as they remain open and Diesel but it must be pumped into 5 gal cans and then put into the vehicle. The best advice is to fill up in Susanville before you head in.

    The ride to the boat ramp is approx. 30 mins one way. I only get 9.6mpg in my diesel rig with a 25 gal tank and it takes me a little less than a 1/4 tank (25 gal tank) round trip. I fueled up in Chester on the way up and on Saturday (11/2) I had 5 gals left when I fueled up in Susanviller. That's just for reference, you vehicles are probably much more efficient than my F350 Super Duty towing a 3800 lb boat and trailer.

    The one thing I forgot to pack on this trip was my hand axe. I had to make kindling with a screw driver and a single jack. It worked but I won't forget it next time.

    A1 is still open but there was a lot of black ice and some snow on the grade over the summit heading out. I watched my tach rise as I went over it on the way out and slowed way down ahead of it then rolled through it on the way back in. Just remember, I knew it was going to be that way ahead of time so I was prepared. If you're a bit skeptical, error on the side of safety and come in over 139. Use common sense and trust your senses. No fishing trip needs to start with a mishap and the quickest way to have a mishap is with over confidence.

    The fishing is good and challenging as usual. It's not going to be one of those trips where you get a fish on every cast or pass. I don't know about you but I prefer it that way.

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    Any reports from Eagle lake for the start of the 2014 Memorial Day season?

    I haven't fished the lake since 2010. I would be interested in knowing how the water levels have been the
    past couple of years. With this years drought, and really there was drought conditions in 2013, I am
    afraid the water may be to low.

    Any guesses how this years season will turn out?

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