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    Lake Ontario Olcott West Pier Friday 9-20-13

    Pulled the boat the previous weekend so my trolling season is done for the year, so I hit the pier for the first time in at least a decade last friday night. I was fishing the lake side of the pier and got one mature two year old male on a 3/4 oz green glow KO Wobbler, about 14-15 lbs, released to do his thing. Had been casting a 3/4 oz blue glow cleo for the previous hour and had just changed to the KO when this fish hit on the second cast. Very slow night out there, I saw a couple fish netted on the East Pier, but other than mine, the only other fish caught on the West Pier while I was there was a very nice solid 30 lb male caught in the channel on a glow moonshine casting spoon. I didn't realize they had a fish on until I saw them try to net t with a small bass net, 18" hoop and a 2-3' handle. Guy was on his belly trying to reach the water. I had one of my large hooped, long handled boat nets with me so I ended up netting it for them. Even if he could have reached the water, they would have never gotten that fish in that tiny net or onto the pier, that fish's head would have barely fit.

    Lousy picture of me anyway, mike snapped the shot as i was talking.


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    I just love it when a king crushes a spoon when casting and tries to rip rod out of your hands.
    Love it when people show up with those little nets too, but I learned my lesson years ago about loaning my net to someone.
    "Can I borrow your net?"
    NO!!!! but I will net it for you.
    One more trip to the big pond on Friday, then I'll more than likely park the boat.

    "Sometimes I'm out for the fish, sometimes I'm out for the fishing" Ziggy

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    I hear ya, I've been fishing those piers since the mid 1980's, long before I ever dreamed of owning a boat of any sort, much less a trolling rig. I've actually seen people bring out little stream trout nets. I always thought that they'd look less foolish bringing no net at all than bringing one of those things. Heck, it's 6' down to the waterline, even if you could reach the water, you'd never get a 20+ lb king into it.

    Yup, I did most of the netting on the piers over the years when I was out, because I usually had the biggest net on the pier. I've seen too many yahoos destroy nets trying to lift/swing a fish horizontally instead of straight up the side of the pier, to let someone who doesn't know what they are doing destroy mine.

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