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    Lake Ontario, Olcott NY August 10 and 11


    Saturday August 10:

    I joined a friend aboard his boat for an afternoon trip out of Olcott. We got in the water around noon and fished till 4:30-5:00 after letting the lake lie down a bit. We ran out NW to 270 fow or so and trolled back with the NW seas. Almost entirely a diver bite with a steady pick of small kings on the high divers back 225 with nuclear green SD and hammer fly until we got into 180 fow near the power plant. Nice green water in that area so we shifted to a due E troll, then the low diver (mag diver back 350) fired with a big mature.

    Chad's friend Dave handed the rod off to me and it proceeded to go on a screaming run. 20+ minutes later it was right in back of the boat, but staying down. When it finally surfaced, we saw how big it was as it proceeded to wrap us up in both the starboard diver and rigger lines. We will managed to get it into the net and realize that it is over 30. Scale was bouncing between 31 and 32, closer to 32.


    then the fish proceeded to bleed all over the boat to the point that the deck ended up looking like a crime scene


    finished off with another mature king in the high teens(probably a mature 2 year old) and a couple more dinks to finish the day.

    Sunday August 11

    Finally back out in my boat for the first time since the club tournament. We ran out to the 25 line after seeing reports from that area, saw the occasional mark down 100 so we trolled as far as the 27 line without seeing much picture and only catching a small king and small steelhead, so we turned around and headed back south.

    Once we got bask around the 25.5 line we started seeing some marks again and picked up a couple more small kings and steelies, but nothing to keep us in the area, so we continued trolling SE back towards where we were fishing on Saturday. The nice green water was still there and we started picking up fish again. Another mainly diver bite with the starboard diver at 300, again with the Nuc Green SD/Hammer fly taking fish, including a nice low 20's king and several 7-8 lb steelhead.

    Capt Valium SD with green/glow fly on the 85 rigger took a couple shots both nice steelhead.

    After a while. we were east of the plant, so we decided to move way inside and make a long west troll back to port and try and pick up some browns. Fished 30-45 fow and marked a ton of bait and hooks but couldn't get anything to go.

    Plenty of action, but other than the one mature, size could have been better. Felt good to be back out with the weather cooperating on the weekend for a change.

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    Wow, "BLOODBATH"!!!!
    Nice fish and it looks like the weather wasn't too bad as well...

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