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    St. Joe & South Haven MI. July 5th & 6th


    Sorry for the late report.
    Thought we'd try for some Skams in St Joe, MI. around the pierhead but all we brought to the net was a couple of large SHEEP!! And on ThinFins to boot. Pointed the ole girl west and settled in for a nice boat ride. After a couple hours of BS'ing on a flat lake, we turned her around and headed for the launch. After thinking about the 4-day weekend, beautiful day and Stupid people at the DNR launch we decided to call it a day. While clearing lines we bagged a 3-4# Lake Mich. Ho off a diver, and 2 Steelies while retrieving the board lines, guess the fish just wanted something faster than 2.7. So much for steelhead, tomarow we'll hit South Haven and search for some more Kings in deeper water. These were to only fish worth taking a photo of.

    Cleared the Black River in South Haven MI. at 0600hrs behind a long train of fellow fishermen and charters.
    Since they went N/W we went W/SW to get away from the pack.
    Powered to 60fow and started a spread of 2 D/R's with cheaters, 2 wire divers w/ F/F and meat, 4 copper boards with spoons, 200'x32#, 250'x32#, 200'x45#, and 250'x45#. D/R's were firing before I was done w/ the spread.
    3 for 5 all "Ho's" on cheaters, double orange crush and green/orange crush between 60-90fow down 50-55'. One good rip on the F/F wire diver but no fish. The 2 additional better fish in the picture were both caught on the same old #5 diamond king watermelon on a 250'x32# copper outside board. 6# Ho and a 6.5# Steelie.
    Had 2 other knock-off but that could have been from the ton of "fleas" on D/R lines. Didn't know that our guest had to be back in Grand Rapids by 1600hrs. so we pulled lines at 1100hrs. After 2 days of fishing, this ole fat boy is going to take some time off, that is until my "better-Half" gives me her honey-do list.
    Sorry that the pic's are not in order of post.

    If you don't like crowds, don't fish public accesses!!!
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