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    Hartford, MI., 20 minutes to Lake Michigan

    Lake Michigan, South Haven, MI. 6-8-'13


    South Haven MI., Sat. 5-8-'13,

    Snuck out Sat AM for a couple of hours, myself, my normal fishing partner Neil and a “greener” on Dramamine. Didn’t clear the river until after 0700 hrs. Headed N/W to 60fow are started the spread. DR w/ F/F and a stacker spoon, DR w/ green Dolphin and a double orange crush free slider, 4 copper lines, 200’x 32#, 250’x 32#, 200’ x 45#, 250’ x 45# all w/ spoons.
    As I started the divers and DR fires and our guest landed his first King from a boat on the green Dolphin pictured below. Reset the DR and tried to put out the diver when the 250’x45# rips and of coarse we let the guest land that one too. Nice 15# king. Finally get the wire divers out and notice a DR is tripped but not bouncing so I finished up clearing the deck. Those smaller lakers don’t fight enough to wiggle a rod, 3 for 3 in the box. The next 2 hrs was a nice boat ride so at 1000 hrs. we pointed "Eleanor" toward the waypoint. 90 fow the 250’ x 45# rips again and Neil lands the bigger laker in the picture.
    The only spoons that worked;
    Mag green dolphin, smaller king, smaller laker on DR
    Mag purple haze, larger king and laker on 250x45 CU.
    Only 4 for 4 but I’ll take it and be happy.

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    "Sometimes I'm out for the fish, sometimes I'm out for the fishing" Ziggy

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